Bonbon Girl Washi Tape – Flower Girl


Material: Japanese paper

illustration 90 cm in a cycle,

Roll: 2,5 cm wide,  10 meters long
Sample: 2,5 cm x 1 meter

This volume has 17 full-body/half-length girls. All of them are related to flowers and grass.
There are also flowers and grass around it, you can cut it out and use it as a small material.

The flowers on the side are not complete and it does not matter.
As long as there are lines, sticking to the lines can easily create a romantic atmosphere!


Bonnie Chien is an illustrator from Taiwan. She describe herself as an ordinary girl who just likes drawing and daydreaming.
Being a fashion designer has always been her dream,but life doesn’t go according to plan.
Drawing, this little thing become part of her life unconsciously.

One day, she was on a whim to print drawings out on sticker.
Unexpectedly, her stickers are liked by many people. That is how a brand named Bonbon Stickers was born and founded by Bonnie herself. Until now, Bonnie designed so many fashion stickers, stationery and rubber stamps. She’s ever launch a washi tape design but discontinue for long time. She launch few new design based on her girl fashion illustration and it quickly out of stock because of the lovely original design and good quality of washi tape make it suitable for sticker replacement or just daily needs creativity boost.

Try them and you’ll never getting enough of her washi tapes too.


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