La Dolce Vita – Spring Flowers Season Environmental Protection Bag


Spring flower season, gentle to the heart.

Can be equipped with environmentally friendly tableware and stationery.
You can put your self metal straw, chopstick, spoon or fork inside this pretty bag and bring them wherever you go. They’ll looks pretty and stylish from outside and of course, stay environmental friendly.

Let’s into a less waste living with style ๐Ÿ˜‰

Width: 12 cm
Length: 25 cm
13-amp cotton cloth

design by Bofa

Origin: Taiwan


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ใ€Žla dolce vita ใ€is Italian language means the sweet life

Founded by Bofa, an illustrator based in Taiwan. Bofa creates girl fashion stickers in few size and sell them. Her style in fashion, illustration character and strong color composition quickly become popular. Her illustration inspiring peoples especially who has big interest into stationery, she gain fans. Time goes by, Bofa also designing so many aesthetic postcard, washi tape, note paper, rubber stamp, so many paper products and stationery related. She designed simple daily needs for girls too just like tote bag, pouch, socks and many more.

One of Bofa’s dream is to owned stationery store, and she really did it. She makes her dreams come true few years ago when she founded Aiya Bungu, a cozy stationery store in Taiwan.


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