Sora Calendar 2019 – 2nd Batch Preorder


You can enjoy the daily “change of the moon”

In the middle of the page, I designed the “shape of the moon” for each day greatly.

You can also enjoy the progressive change of the moon that seems to be through by old-fashioned day-calendar paper and manufacturing method .

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This is the 2019 edition of the “Daily Nikkuri Calendar” that was released in the last year and received a great popularity. 

The popular Web column that can be accessed with QR code also boosted from 59 last year to 88.
The calendar became a day-to-day calendar in which the air can be felt more closely.

Size: 203 x 128 mm (daily size: 185 x 120 mm)
* Including cases that can be used for gifts
* With limited stand


Weight 250 g

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