Pre-order Paper Bundle Batch 2


regular paper bundle contains:
– vintage papers from overseas
– vintage novel pages
– vintage botanical encyclopedia pages
– various paper products from well known brands such as: classiky, chamil garden, last year sora calendar or etc.
– original vintage tickets
– laces
– various plain scrap papers and some page adorned with rubber stamps & Mu print on stickers
– pressed leaves/flowers
– extra: random paper products

Vintage paper bundle contains:
– more collectible of vintage papers from overseas
– more encyclopedia pages

– Papers from illustrated and music book
– mix of vintage book/novel page, scrap papers, some of adorning with MU print on stickers and rubber stamp
– more laces
– more Sora Calendar sheets from previous year
– Pressed flowers/leaves
– more well known brand’s paper products
– more original vintage tickets
– paper clip
– compact 6 pages of mini calendar
– extras: random papers and vintage stickers

Hybrid Regular & Vintage Paper Bundle Contains:
– Handmade papers
– Vintage papers from book and novel
– Papers from illustrated and music book
– random vintage papers from overseas
– paper products from various stationery brand like classiky and chamil garden etc.
– unused previous year sora calendar papers
– original vintage tickets
– pressed flowers
– laces
Random papers from our personal stash ❤️



A vintage paper bundle that carefully curated by us, every bundle is unique and available only 1 on stock. We put all love for paper we had into every bundle we made.

Weight 250 g
Paper Bundle Option

Regular Paper Bundle, Hybrid Regular+Vintage Paper Bundle, Vintage Bundle

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