Listeninda x Windry Ramadhina – Day to Night PET Tape


From sunrise to sunset.
From wake up early in the morning to late night sleeping.
From day to night.

Collaboration of Listeninda x Windry Ramadhina : Day to Night PET tape!

‘Day to Night’ is about daily activity with 3 different shades of color to mark 3 times in a day.

‘Day to Night’ tape resume everyday life as when we clean up; doing laundry; eat breakfast; enjoying noodle soup; strolling around; do our duties, whether school or work matters; felt cozy watching series while munching popcorns; attending party; pampering ourself and sleep.

The tape design also including geometric shapes and some quotes written by us. Hope you will love our ‘Day to Night’ ☀️🌙

Design by Windry Ramadhina for Listeninda

Material: adhesive PET tape


7,5 cm x 10 meter per roll (100cm per loop/cycle design)

7,5 cm x 1 loop (100cm per loop/cycle design)

Indonesian rupiah (Rp) - IDR
  • Indonesian rupiah (Rp) - IDR
  • United States dollar ($) - USD


Weight N/A

FULL ROLL, 1 cycle sampler

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